Snow-topped Kilimanjaro is Africa’s most noteworthy mountain and the world’s tallest detached mountain at 5895 meters above ocean level. It has three noteworthy volcanic focuses: Shira (4160 m), Snow topped Kibo (5895 m) and Mawenzi. Broadly thought about the top of Africa, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro through one of the extraordinary trekking courses is a standout amongst the most remunerating encounters that any individual can appreciate.


6 DAYS – Kilimanjaro Climbing - Umbwe Route

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The kilimanjaro umbwe route (also known as the "vodka route") is often considered th...

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We sort out treks to the summit of the Mountain utilizing 5 unique courses: Machame, Marangu, Rongai, Lemosho and Umbwe. Despite the course, no uncommon hardware (simply strolling apparatus) or past experience is required to climb the Kilimanjaro. A decent dimension of wellness yet uniquely an uncommon dimension of assurance (the last 500 meters of climb to the summit will be incredibly requesting, paying little heed to your physical condition) is all you will require.

When climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, one needs to consider the seasons: There are 2 “blustery” seasons, from mid-November to mid-December and furthermore in April and May however worldwide climate examples can once in a while make these “wet months” dry. Regardless, we do sort out trips amid the wet months and, however rain can make a touch of distress, it can likewise prompt snow in the higher elevations which make the entire experience significantly more sensational. In addition, you’ll have the mountain nearly to yourself enabling you to appreciate it without hordes of sightseers around you.

In the accompanying area, you have the subtleties of each course. We try to offer the most ideal costs, which rely on numerous variables like the time, the quantity of voyagers, the continually changing costs of gas and park charges, and so forth.

Best time whole year but avoid the rain season of April, May and November.

How to get there from Arusha 2 hours drive, from Mosh 40 minutes drive.

To do on the way up, an extra day between 4000 and 5000 metres will help you avoid altitude sickness before the final ascent. On the Marangu route. From Horombo, a day to Zebra Rock.

Do not miss your “climbing certificate “ . A dish of grilled meat and bananas and local bear “ mbege” or “ kilimanjaro “ which you will enjoy with the team.

For every detail and doubt about these itineraries or for building a custom private tour to climb Mount Kilimanjaro,  please contact us!


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