Southern Tanzania Safaris Buffalos and hippos watering at sunset, the yellow baboon a flash of colour in the trees, the heavy thunder of elephants on the march…Tanzania’s Southern Circuit is a feast for the senses and one of life’s rare beauties to be treasured.
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Less frequented than the national parks in the north, the southern parks provide a sense of African adventure unsurpassed anywhere on the continent, they are the hidden treasures of Tanzania’s authentic Africa. These parks are enormous with some of the highest concentration of animals anywhere in Africa and are home to an interesting diversity of wildlife including Roan Antelope, Sable Antelope, Cape Hunting Dogs and a multitude of colourful birdlife. The lodges and camps of the south are small and intimate, with no more than 15 rooms or tents at the very most. This means there are far fewer tourists in the south compared to the north, and allows the area to hold true to the tenets of eco-tourism. Each park can be visited independently or as a circuit combining various parks into one package. Packages can be arranged using scheduled air services or as road safaris using 4×4 vehicles.

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