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Tailored specifically to meet your excursions requirements and budget while providing unbeatable services, Tanzania Safaris and Beach Holidays is eagerly welcoming you Tanzania for the great safari experience like no other.
Ranging from pristine white sands beaches on the coastline of Indian ocean which stretch for 1424 kilometers (885 miles) to the famous safari destinations on the planet as well as the highest altitudes on the continents highest point the Kilimanjaro.
Tanzania is famous not only for its unique and magnificent Safari destinations but yet your choice to book your safari with us will give you a chance to include yourself in your personal itinerary of choice.
Tanzania is home to the worlds famous national parks and game reserves like Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Ruaha, Kilimanjaro and the mighty Selous game Reserve just to mention a few.
Whether you want to lay your soul on the earth cleanest beaches while enjoying the sunbath either at the coast of Dar es Salaam, Pemba, Zanzibar, Mafia or the Great Lakes of Tanganyika, Nyasa or Victoria, your expectations will be fulfilled with integrity and timely.
Your timeframe and budget is of the utmost factor to us in serving you better . Whether your interest is on the short safari, walking safari, canoeing or experiencing the thrill of boat cruise in the Rufiji river full of many aquatic life from Crocodiles, Hippos to the small creatures and birds life.
We do also provide short Safari, camping and mobile safaris to any destination in Tanzania .
Tanzania boasts the wide array of cultural diversities probably than any other country in the continent. Explore the country uniqueness of over 120 tribes, ranging from the pierced and tattooed Makonde people in South to the global famous Maasai people on the North of the country. Be part of this amazing cultural tourism experience.
Tanzania is also rich in terms of historical sites. The oldest ruins dating from 13th to 16th centuries are in South Tanzania in Kilwa district and along the coast of Indian Ocean varies from the earliest slave trade market to the places where slave voyages begins to the America’s and the rest of the globe.


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  • Safaris & Adventures

    An African Safari is an unforgettable travel experience, it touches something deep within us and it is an experience that will never be forgotten. A trip to Tanzania is both intriguing and exciting, created by the fascinating balance between the wildlife, the landscapes and its people. Otto Safari Guide Tanzania is your road to African adventures,outlines a variety of accommodation and suggested itineraries throughout Tanzania , Simply Contact Us.

  • Mobile Camping

    The old fashion safari style is back, The African / Tanzanian safari under gone great change on past years, with developed luxury rooms at hotel type service, air conditions and other expensive things. Otto Safari Guide will take you to the truly African wildness, the only way to experience the Tanzanian wildness is to get close to it, and best way to get close to it is to camp out in it. Otto Safari Guide offers fully equipped mobile camping expeditions.

  • People & Culture

    This is an experience that will amaze you, Tanzanian people either is Maasai or Ruguru people are happy and welcome you , spend the day with and share with them the culture and traditional. Eco tours are travel with low impact on the environment and activities that directly benefit local communities reducing land pressure and production of charcoal by offering a different source of income.

  • Zanzibar & Beach Holidays

    For the beach holidays Zanzibar is the best ,The island’s historical significance, blended with the virgin, sandy beaches, swaying coconut palms, crystal clear waters marking it a diverse delight and year round sunshine, makes it a paradise worth visiting and to discover the diverse and truly amazing amenities it has to offer.Visit Zanzibar, and you will understand why century after century, travellers have come to its shores in search of magic and romance.

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